Interested in being a WackyRippleGames Sponsor?

We’re looking for 10 Broad Ripple/Midtown businesses or groups to sponsor a game station, and provide 2 prizes. There will be 10 game stations and each one will have a different sponsor.

Each station will have 4 or more of the same games, and each team will have a max of 10 minutes to complete the game. (Which means teams will be at your station for a few minutes if you want to be there to promote your business.)

What does it cost to sponsor a game station?

We're asking for a $300 donation from each sponsor (all donations go to improving OptiPark), plus two $50 prizes to the winners of your event in the 2 categories:  Family (with at least one person under 12) and Open (all ages). Prizes can be gift cards or certificates from your restaurant or business.

How can I promote my business at the Games?

Discount coupons, flyers, or giveaways – your choice! Every team will get a swag bag, and you can add whatever you want to get more people to visit your restaurant or business! You are also welcome to put up special signage by your game station.

Do I need to provide people to staff the game station?

Our group will run the games, but we can always use volunteers to help. If you decide to set up a table or display at your game station, we do ask that you provide someone to staff that.

May 6th, 2023


Interested in being a Sponsor?

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What kind of games will be at WackyRippleGames?

We tested a few potential games at Winterfest recently and here’s what happened.
Will these games be part of the WackyRippleGames on May 6th?

Sign up a team and find out!

OptiPark is located at 780 E. 66th Street, Indianapolis IN 46220

OptiPark is a community park owned by The Optimist Club of North Side Indianapolis, and maintained by volunteers for over 60 years. Any and all donations go directly to the cost of park maintenance and improvements.

If you would like to host your next event (large or small) at OptiPark, let us know!